Animation technique where we slightly move objects, puppets, or anything we can think about, at the same time that we are taking pictures. Once we have all the pictures, we put them one behind the other in a video, creating with this the illusion of movement.


For this type of animation, we put the camera on the top of a glass shelving.
From this point of view, we see all the elements together, but they really are separated in shelves and can be animated independently. Creating that way the illusion of depth and perspective.
We can work with paint, paper cuts, sand, etc.


In the rotoscope we divide a video in about 12 frames per second. And ones we have the frames separated, we can draw on the top of them or modify them anyway we want, always one by one. This way, we get a really peculiar effect close to drawing.


Animation done by drawing or painting every frame. It can be digital or traditional drawing.


Even if it’s for editing videos made with other animation techniques, or for creating projects from scratch. We use Adobe After Effects in our everyday life. We have a long experience with it, and we created animated infographics, chyrons and graphics for TV programs.


Timelapse, it’s not an animation technique on it’s own, but as digital handcrafters we love this technique that combines lots of pictures taken during a period of time, to form spectacular videos of landscapes, starry skies, etc.


As an extra, we also can make video mappings projected on any surface.