We offer a wide range of services, and we adapt ourselves to the demands of every project and client.

We can bring a project to live from scratch. We think about the best approach to the project needs, write the script, draw the storyboard, deal with all the pre-production needs, build the set’s, build the puppets, the rigs. Get everything ready for the shooting. And then, we take all our patience, and invest it on the shooting, all of it, one frame at a time. It may seem such a tedious job, but it really pays off when you see the results!

After the magic, we take care of the post-production process too. So you can get the final piece ready to be premiered!

And no matter if the project is bigger than we are, we can bring together a team or join forces with other production companies to help were needed, and to push until we get it done!

We are thrilled to hear your ideas and start to work on it!